WorkAway In Archidona Spain

So, I have arrived at Archidona to do my first WorkAway experience at Almohalla 51 – for anyone who doesn’t know what a WorkAway is then let me explain it briefly.

David and Myles (the host) would offer me accommodation, food and in return, I would do 4-5 hours a day and have two days off. I would help out at the Almohalla (B&B) from cleaning five rooms, walking the dog (Rodney) in the mornings, sweeping the decking area and cleaning the pool daily.
I would start the mornings from 08:15 and would finish about 12:30-13:00 latest. I would have the afternoon and evening to myself to do whatever I please, which was great! At least once a week, David and Myles would invite me for dinner and sometimes we would go to the old town. They would give me 50 Euros per week to buy some food shopping, which is more than enough since it’s a cheap little place.

The house 

This two-bedroom house was lovely! I had this place to myself and didn’t have to share it with anyone, the location of this house was great because it was near the old town and 10 minutes walk to the Almohalla 51.


Almohalla 51 

David and Myles have been working hard to build this business since 2011, and you can see for yourself that this place is beautiful. Have a look at TripAdvisor, and look at the comments for yourself.


The walks

Every morning I would take Rodney (the dog) for a 30-minute walk. I would do this first thing at 08:30 am because Archidona gets very hot by 11 am, and it didn’t rain since June, and it never did since I have been there.

This place was quiet and peaceful, and if you like hiking or cycling, then this place is for you. You can see the whole of Archidona on the of the mountain and the sunset is a must-see.

After I have walked Rodney, I would come back and have a lovely breakfast ready for me and most importantly, I would get my black coffee.

Archidona Old Town

This little old town was my first real taste of Spanish life because Archidona is not a very tourist place at all – I hardly spoke to anyone who was English while I was there. I have not spoken Spanish since High School (16 years ago) So I had to learn the basics again because all the locals didn’t speak much English at all. Thankfully David and Myles would help me out with translation when we were out having dinner and drinks. I would learn Spanish while I was there and could communicate the basics, which is handy and polite.

Now even though Archidona is a working man’s town and not very tourist place, it does know how to put on a party – which I was lucky enough to be there for the Feria Festival.

On my days off I would go to a town or the city like Seville, Osuna or Granada. I would get the bus from Archidona, and the bus would take me directly to my destination. It would be handy if you had a car because you could drive to some lovely places and go to the beaches too.

So my time in Archidona was up, but I had a great time. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to save money, up for a little adventure, not afraid to be alone and is willing to be apart of the community. I would have stayed longer, but I had plans to move on, and I think five weeks is more than enough. It was nice to have a relaxing holiday because it was what I needed from doing 60-hours of work for months to save up.

My next destination was back to Malaga for one night before I fly out to Cologne, Germany to meet my brother.

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