Two Days Backpacking In Malaga Spain

So my Journey begins at Malaga, Spain in July 2016…I’m excited to be here, but I remember I didn’t feel well at all, I had a bad headache, stiff neck and felt dazed from everything around me.

As I got through the passport control area and into arrivals, I sat down for an hour before I did anything. Then I said to myself “come on Macca! Get you shit together and get to your accommodation.”

Right here we go then!



Now as soon I walked out of the entrance I saw a bus “Line A Express” I was lucky enough to jump on and only paid 2 Euro. You can buy your ticket in advance if you wish through ALSA website, but I bought my ticket from the driver. It will take you about 40 minutes to get to the centre of Malaga, but that is depending on traffic.




This was my first experience using Airbnb and I must say I would recommend it to anyone! Now, unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of my accommodation because I was ill and didn’t feel in the mood to take any.

So I stay at HabitaciĆ³n ivi 1 (El Bulto area) for two nights costing me 45 Euros. Not a bad deal at all when you consider the location of the apartment and having a private room. I was right by the Puerto Harbour and it was a 15-minute walk to the beach.

Sure you can do it cheaper at hostels but I’m glad I didn’t book one because I didn’t feel well at all and needed a good night sleep.



So as I said before my first day I didn’t feel well at all but I said to myself…”I think a bottle of beer or two will help”

I left my apartment and walked up the Puerto harbour and towards the malagueta beach. Then I came across the little bar that was over the road from the beach and I thought this will do.


I didn’t do a lot in Malaga but just relaxing on the beach and drink a few beers, which I did do on the 2nd day. I didn’t really plan to do any sightseeing which I kind of regret now but I still enjoyed it my time.

So my next trip is from Malaga to Antequera which is a 45-minute bus journey. Then Myles will pick me up from Antequera bus station and head to Archidona where I will start my first WorkAway experience.

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