Two Days Backpacking In Osuna Spain

Anyone who has watched the Game of Thrones then you’ll notice some locations of this town because Season 5 was filmed here. It’s one of the reasons why I visited this town if I’m honest!


To get a bus from Archidona to Osuna, Seville or Granada then you’ll need to get the bus from “Av. de Andalucia” the red petrol station that would be the other side of the road. There are Bars and Cafes that you can have a drink as you wait for your bus.

There are limited bus services from Archidona so you will need to plan a few days before if you want to visit any other town or cities. I would use the ALSA website as it is easy to use and buying your tickets online is best if you don’t speak much Spanish and would be cheaper to buy in advance. The trip from Archidona to Osuna will take about two hours.

The coach is comfortable, has air-conditioning, free WiFi, toilet on board and most importantly, the journey has lovely views.


The hotel I stayed in was called Hotel Esmeralda, it’s in a good location and only 2 minutes walk into the town square. I booked with, and it cost me 21 Euros for two nights, including breakfast. This had air-conditioned which was important because it was 41c when I got there! Osuna does have hostels, but they only had fans in the dorm rooms, and I didn’t fancy sharing a room with people with the weather being so warm.


The Things I Did

I decided to have a look around Osuna town, taking photos and checking out the best places to eat and have a drink. I went to El Molinillo, Plaza Mayor, which is a lovely spot for dinner and drink. I had chicken, prawn and chips with sauce…doesn’t look good at all but tasted good and of course, I had to wash it down with a beer!

The Museo de Osuna is a great museum, and it only cost 2 euro to get in, this would take you about 2 hours to see everything if you take your time.

The Colegiata de Osuna is a Catholic temple built in the sixteenth century in the town of Osuna. It has lots of gold on walls, paintings, statues of the Virgin Mary but makes sure you get an English speaking tour guide because I almost joined a Spanish guide. You will need to let them know that you will need an English guide to show you around, they will have time slots for this.

Some of the scenes of Game of Thrones season 5 were filmed in the Collegiate Church of Osuna in October 2014.

The Plaza De Toros (the bullring) is where they filmed one part of the Game of Thrones season 5. When I got there the place was closed and couldn’t get in but managed to sneak my camera through the fence to take some photos. Not sure when they do open the Plaza De Toros, but this is where they do the bullfights, and I’m not a fan of that sport at all!

Spending two days at Osuna was perfect because you get to see most of everything as it’s walking distance. I differently recommend going to Osuna if you like to see a small town with lots of things to do, everything is a reasonable price, and it will not hurt your budget at all.

  • Hotel ( for two nights – 21 Euros
  • ALSA Bus return ticket – 6.50 Euros
  • Attraction entrance fees – 7 Euros
  • Food & Drink – Food 18 Euros and Drink 12 Euros

So in total, I spent 64.50 Euros…not bad at all, but you can do it a lot cheaper if you stay in a hostel and cook your food.
If you like to find more information on what to do in Osuna and in other towns/cities then visit

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