Me visiting my brother in the Hague, Netherlands

My name is Macca, I currently live in Manchester, England but originally from Redditch, Worcestershire.

I have a great passion for travelling because I did spend most of my life moving around the UK when I was younger and even when I left home at 18 years old, I was working all over the UK.

My work experience is mainly in the Animal industry as a Technician. I have done over ten years and worked at some of the best places in the UK. I also do six years in bar/restaurant/hotel at different levels from a team leader, supervisor, assistant manager and manager. I have enjoyed working in both trades, and have learned so much, gained a lot of experience and skills.

The reason why I have started to do a blog is that I wanted to learn new skills, share my experience’s and more importantly is that I want something to look back at to show that I have achieved something new.

This blog is mainly for backpacking on a budget in the UK and abroad, learning new skills, and meeting awesome people. I will also be talking about earning money online, keeping fit and healthy and most importantly having good fun.

I have officially launched this blog in late July 2020 using WordPress. I am new and still learning, but that is all part of the fun! I will be adding a few more pages shortly and my other trips like Australia.

Happy Travels.

Cape Tribulation, Australia

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